About Us

Ptosh Hotels is a fast growing hotel management, investment, and development company headquartered in Pennsylvania, United States. Ptosh Hotels is dedicated towards providing high-quality hotel development and management services. Our focused vision, strong value system, and aggressive long term strategy driven by market trends and innovation has helped us to acquire properties rapidly. Our portfolio includes unique independent hotels and brands including Marriott, Hilton, IHG and Wyndham Hotels. We are an IHG, Hilton, Wyndham and Choice brand approved Management Company.

We started our company with turning around distressed assets- apartment buildings and hotels in the height of the recession and as a result Ptosh Hotels gained the reputation with lenders all around Pennsylvania and Maryland as the go-to company for support on distressed apartment buildings and hotels. In 2015, we decided to focus entirely on expanding in the hospitality industry. 

We believe in creating memorable positive experiences for our guests that stir up genuine emotions and a lifelong bond with our company.

We partner to develop iconic brands resulting in high profitability and ROI for our partners and investors.

We believe in creating great work environment for every associate through a rewarding successful career.

We believe in developing ourselves continuously to meet the ever evolving consumer needs.

We strive to acquire, develop, renovate, reposition, manage and operate hotels in the top markets of Pennsylvania and are now aiming to expand our horizons to other states in the US.