Capital Division

P'Tosh Investments is a division of P'Tosh Group of Companies. Started by the owner and his wife's personal fund injection to grow the company. The purpose of the fund has been to empower entrepreneurs with vehicles in high growth opportunity sectors.

OUR MISSION is to create growth and opportunity for talented Entrepreneurs through our investment vehicle to drive success and time-proven results.

INVESTMENT STRATEGY: Capital funding at all stages of the growth cycle.

Our expertise is to be involved with funding for businesses at an early stage of their growth cycle. Many of the companies that we have invested in has been from our early involvement with business founders from Day 1, when their business is in the DNA phase.

We support High-Impact Innovations that are scalable and beyond the realm of normal expectations.

We only invest in ideas or businesses that have the potential to change the dynamics of large markets. We are eager to fund companies and their entrepreneurs that are driving force behind them.

We have proven time and again by investing into businesses that can be game changers and can disrupt the market with a sustainable growth plan.

Every plan has risks, and we are willing to take that risk with you!

So if you have a compelling story or an idea or are exceptionally accomplished or credentialed and want to start your own company, we are willing to listen. We are looking to build companies…build great companies with lasting significance.

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