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Hershey PA Hotel Pet Policy

Cocoa Country Inn is a Pet Friendly Hotel! Depending on the seasons and certain events, there sometimes can be an additional charge for Pets at our Pet Friendly Hershey, PA Motels.

Our Pet Policies at Cocoa Country Inn:

Well mannered pets and service dogs are allowed unless the animal poses safety or health risks. To ensure an outstanding stay with your furry companion, please make sure to adhere to these guidelines:

Animals which present safety or health risks are not allowed on-site. At our manager's discretion, we may request removal of pets if there are too many in a single hotel room, cause any damage to the property or of guests, are disruptive, not properly cared for, or show an unacceptable amount of aggression.

Animals which provide assistance to the disabled, labeled as Service Animals are always acceptable. Similar to other pets though, all Service Animals that pose safety or health risks must not remain on-site.

Each Service Animal or Pet should be mentioned during the check-in process. This is extremely important as it provides the hotel staff with vital information regarding each hotel room.

Because of concerns for the safety of our hotel staff and pets, we will not provide maid service for a hotel room left with unattended pets. Each room at Cocoa Country Inn is serviced every day so we can maintain proper cleanliness and health standards. For lengthy stays, rooms need to be serviced twice each week. If an unattended pet prevents our employees from servicing your hotel room, you may be asked to leave the premises of our hotel.

For consideration of our hotel guests, pets should not be unattended and remain under control during all times. Pets can not remain in a hotel room or car in our parking lot. If unavoidable situations arise which force your pet to stay in a room while you are off-site, your pet should remain secured in a travel carrier or crate on the day of hotel service day to avoid damage to our property or injury to our staff.

All pets must remain on a leash or carried securely out of guest rooms and under control at all times.

Please be considerate of other hotel guests when you are walking pets on our property. Make sure to clean up after your pet.

If your Service Animal or pet violates our guidelines, you could be asked to leave the hotel property, possibly without a refund at the manager's discretion.