Our Services

Hotel Management

Ptosh Hotels has expertise in managing independent boutique hotels as well as global brands with full-service, limited-service as well as extended-stay and banquets. We are an IHG, Hilton and Choice brand approved Management Company. Our expert team ensures all assets maximize resources and achieve optimal profitability. Our key areas of focus are:

  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Revenue Management
  • New Construction & Renovation
  • Distressed Asset Management
  • Human Resources
  • Risk Management

We are focused on innovation and implementing industry-leading methods and developing processes, tools and systems to improve revenue results and operating efficiencies; thus maintaining a leading edge in the competitive marketplace.

Hotel Investment

P'tosh Hotels has an innovating, strategy driven investment mindset that results in optimum value and return on investment for our assets. Our hotels and commercial properties are acquired through internally generated funds without over leveraging. As a company we invest significant capital on renovating our hotels and keeping up to trends on assets which allow us to compete with many big name brands in our competitor set yet distinguishing us as different—through quality employees, systematic processes, and top-down vision execution on the goals we set for our managers.

Ptosh Hotels team creates superior risk-adjusted returns to its stakeholders through a proven, transparent, and highly disciplined investment process. We seek to pursue and capitalize on opportunities that create long-term investor value and optimum returns, dedicated to uncompromising investment standards that transcend all property types.

Ptosh hotels continues to evolve with new market trends and customer needs; always looking for opportunities in hotel acquisitions and new development projects.

Please allow us to take your investment strategy and return on investments to the next level through our experienced team and time-tested processes so we can deliver highest return on your monies. We continuously look to grow our network of accredited investors and if you are one of them, Contact us at: invest@ptoshhotels.com

Acquisitions, Renovations and New Development

Ptosh Hotels team has expertise in hotel acquisitions, rebranding, repositioning, renovation and new development projects that are thoughtfully and cost-effectively designed

Our professional staff is experienced in all areas of design, renovation and new development, Our systematic and detailed oriented approach helps us to deliver hotels on time and on budget while ensuring capital improvements contribute to revenue growth, market share, increased asset valuation, and improved stakeholder returns.

To ensure the entire process runs efficiently for everyone involved, our Project Management Team pushes the boundaries to handle every project detail with a strategic focus and proven processes. They work towards minimizing risk while maximizing return on investment value.

We enjoy a reputation among our investors, lenders, team and peers for delivering quality, trendy, timely driven and profitable projects.